Monday, November 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Cards - Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is one of the most significant and fashionable festivals celebrated by Christians over the world. Christmas take place on 25th December every year to remember the birth centenary of Jesus Christ, who is supposed to be the God of Christianity. Even though, the main Christmas festival is pragmatic on December 25 but the spirit of festivities start right from December 24 up till New Year's Day January 1 Thereby making it a long holiday season. The most pleasant traditions of this day contain celebrations, decorations, Christmas trees, gifts, and the plentiful Christmas dinner.

The history of Christmas share its roots back to about 4000 years when a variety of customs and traditions linked with the festival of Christmas were experiential centuries before the birth of Jesus. Although the exact day of Christ Child's birth was never obvious but legend has it that Christmas is being celebrated since 98 A.D. In 137 A.D., the Bishop of Rome affirmed the birthday of Christ Child to be celebrated as a solemn feast. However, many distinguished historians state that Christmas celebrations began as early as in 336 A.D. in Rome, while another Bishop of Rome, Julius I, chose December 25 as Christmas. Since then, this day got popularized as Christmas around the world as development of Christianity took place speedily. However, many ethnicity and customs followed during Christmas celebrations draw their history from some of popular festivals celebrated by premature civilizations that gave method to Christmas.

During the Celebration people celebrating it with by sharing Christmas gifts, Christmas Greetings. Varieties of   e-cards are available in online nowadays. Get Free Christmas Greetings, Merry Christmas Cards and various varieties to celebrate Christmas with love and care.

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