Monday, October 3, 2011

Durga Puja Clebrations starts

Durga pooja is meaning that God were united together to make war against Asura and killed this bad personality at last so people are celebrating this incident as a festival when every year it comes. Durga exemplifies unity also Durga characterizes unity even in the supernatural being of man. Durga  Puja is people celebrated to the worship of “celestial power, The fight between the evil and good happened and finally good will win that is the main concept of Durga puja.
  Dark forces ultimately yielding to the divine. But the triumph of durga and the ending of ‘Asura’ do not only characterize the material world. This victory of good over the wickedness is also symbolizes the inner of human beings to at last climb at the highest level of awareness. The extrasensory and spiritual mind is the decisive level of realization represented by durga herself.
The human beings have to plough their emotional feelings and objective to be high noble, pure, clear, peaceable, influential, pleasant and selfless. Before one reaches the stage of clarity of  thoughts and act one has to go though a tricky stage of slaying the state of unawareness, superstition and felony. This state is represented by Asura who is being beat by durga, the saintly mind and is attacked by the lion, cleanse vital mind. This state of being brings amity and constancy and humans plus in the country.
In India People celebrated it in 5 days with lots of poojas, and 6th day People will celebrate Dussehra festival.  People will have pleasant in these days before Diwali  by sharing wishes and prayers. Share your Durga puja wishes by Durga Puja Cards, Dussehra Cards and Navratri cards.

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